Are my new Bloom Queen lashes cruelty free?

Yes, All of our eyelashes are made from mink fur that falls off naturally and is collected to make our lashes.

How does the shipping work?                        

Check out our Shipping page for more information!

If you have any other questions feel free to email us.

What are the differences between Bloom Queen lashes and regular synthetic lashes?
There are 2 important differences between Bloom Queen (mink) and synthetic lashes.
1. The Hair. Mink fur is organic and naturally mimics human eyelashes.  The end result is wispy and tapered ends to the lashes. Mink is also lightweight just like natural eyelashes while synthetic lashes are usually bulky, heavy, and blunt and thus do not have a natural look to them.
2. Price/Durability. Whilst initially Bloom Queen eyelashes seem a bit pricier initially, they are actually cheaper than traditional synthetic lashes.
You can wear our mink lashes multiple times, as they are extremely reusable (how long they last depends on how well you take care of them! Please see below for our care information) and can last 20+ times. You will find that synthetic lashes can’t be reused more than a couple of times.

How do I apply my new Bloom Queen eyelashes?
With your order you will receive a small instruction packet on how to apply your gorgeous new lashes.

While you learn how to apply them it’s generally a good idea to buy some cheaper options to practice on. Practice makes perfect! There are a number of tutorials online that can show you the best way to apply your lashes. IT’s also helpful to purchase on of our eyelash kits to assist you in applying them.
Our luxury mink lashes are easier to apply than the synthetic ones. The flexible band helps you fit the lash to your unique eye shape once you cut them.

How do I remove my Bloom Queen eyelashes?
Use a cotton tip (Q-Tip) dipped in some makeup remover, gently run it across the band to dissolve any glue, and then carefully lift away your lashes with either your fingers or tweezers. Do not use any makeup removers that contain oil or alcohol, as this can disintegrate the glue that is in the lashes, eventually causing the mink fur to fall out.

How do I care for my new eyelashes?
After removing your lashes, it’s best to store them in their original box. This helps to retain their shape while you are not wearing them. This will also prevent dust from collecting on the lashes. Check to make sure there isn't any glue left on them before placing them into the box.  

Do I have to trim my new Bloom Queen eyelashes?
Most of the time you lashes will need to be trimmed to fit.  The best way to determine how much needs to be trimmed, first place the lashe above your eyelash line to measure how much longer the false eyelashes are. Generally we recommend to cut the lash a bit shorter than your natural eyelash line. It’s best to only cut small sections off to ensure you don't make them too short. Trimming the lashes helps to prevent irritation and also from the eyelashes lifting in the corner of the eye.

Should I apply mascara before or after applying Bloom Queen lashes?
It’s a good idea to use mascara before you apply your eyelashes. Applying mascara to your eyelashes can reduce their lifespan.

Can I sleep with my Bloom Queen lashes on?
Do not sleep with any lashes on! It’s important to remove your eyelashes before going to bed. Sleeping wiht them can damage them as well as irritate your eyes.