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Luxurious Handmade Fake Eyelashes in Australia

Nothing is more stunning than a Queen’s eyes. One look can say more than one thousand words or shoot one thousand swords. And if we are truly honest with ourselves that enchanting glint in the eye captivates an audience and demands attention. The eyes truly are the gateway to the soul which is why at Bloom Queen we dedicate ourselves to inspiring and helping women glorify and glamourise one of their most dramatic features. We offer our clients gorgeous handcrafted mink and 3D mink eyelashes which are easy to apply and will last up for up to 20-30 wears!

We feature various types of mink lashes to choose from: Luxury Mink and 3d Luxury Mink. Our mink collection is particularly notable as this material has many benefits including a natural resemblance to human eyelashes and extreme comfort and durability. We sell false lashes in many styles to help you achieve the look you want based on personal preference and purpose of use. Each set of lashes has been carefully and lovingly handmade to ensure that we give our gorgeous queens the best and highest quality solution for ultimate glamour and comfort.

Why We Recommend Mink and Fur Over Synthetic Lashes

While there are many different materials and styles of false eyelashes we have a strong preference for mink. There are a few main differences when comparing synthetic and mink eyelashes. Usually we want our false eyelashes to more or less resemble natural human eyelashes as much as possible for a smooth and flawless look that is not overly cheap looking. The thickness and natural appearance of mink eyelashes compared to synthetic lashes is a main factor in choosing the best lashes for you. Because mink lashes are made from fur that looks like human lashes the end results is a more natural look that tapers off at end and are a bit wispier. Synthetic eyelashes on the other had can be a bit a thick and stubby at the ends. This is how many of the synthetic types look, so it’s important to note what look you are going for in order to make the best decision.

Another key reason we recommend mink lashes over synthetic ones are purely due to the durability of the different types. Generally synthetic lashes will be cheaper in price, but on the other hand they can be used a less number of times before they need to be replaced. Mink and other types of fur lashes may cost you a bit more on the initial purchase but in the long run they save you money as you are able to get more uses out of them. We usually say that plastic lashes will only last around 2-3 wears while mink lashes can be used around 20 times if they are taken care of properly. Please refer to our care guide for tips on how to extend the shelf-life of your beautiful new lashes.

Fake Eyelashes That Look Gorgeous Anytime

The eyes are one of our most sensitive areas of the face and therefore extra pre-caution is needed to ensure the health and safety for these ‘gateways to the soul’. You really shouldn’t settle for cheaper options when it comes to your eyes. Whether its eyelashes, makeup, contact lenses, or just general hygeine. Since your eyes are so important why go for cheap false eyelashes that irritate your skin and eyes as well as look fake and plastic? Give Bloom Queen a chance to show you a difference that your eyes and skin will thank you for. People will be able to tell that you’ve put in that extra touch into bringing out the natural glimmer of your eyes with natural looking lashes that express your unique personality and are stunning at first glance.

Ready to order?

Make glamour your own with easy to use natural-looking eyelashes. Save money as these amazing accessories can be used time and time again. Browse our different styles and place an order online. We offer great products at very reasonable prices delivered to your doorstep. If you need help, feel free to contact us Our Partners: Cosmetify Makeup Organisers